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The test results for the 3D benchmarks shows that the Precision lags behind the XPS 15 9550 despite the two having nominally similar GPUs.

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Not surprisingly, the results are good as would be expected for a mobile workstation.

My first action after unboxing the computer was to put it on the scales and see how the actual weight compared to the specifications.The location of the battery under the palm rest keeps it away from the hot components and provides a counter-balance to the weight of a pushed-back display.

The keyboard has less travel than the Latitude keyboard but this is easy to get used to.

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I do not expect to normally need to use the full power of this computer and obtrusive fan noise should be a rare event as most of my software is only single-threaded.

I opted for a 5510 with the 6 cell 84Whr battery which increased the prospect of all-day operation without external power.Readers of my Latitude E5570 review may recall that I had concerns about whether I could adjust to the offset keyboard layout.How often I will need to do that remains to be seen, but it is of considerable comfort.

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However, there is an absence of any bass, probably because of the constraints imposed by the thin chassis.

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The bottom of the computer is dominated by what appears to be generous air vent but, in reality, a substantial part of it is covered on the inside.I would have preferred a further USB 3.0 port instead of the battery gauge.

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The design of the hinge means that there are no sockets along the back.

The Dell Precision 5110 laptop on left and Latitude E5570 on right.The panel has a similar brightness to the display used in the E5570 which is rated at 300 nits and is more than adequate for normal use.A range of benchmark tests have been run to enable comparison of performance with other notebooks.

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A small recess in the front of the chassis would make opening easier.The speaker positioning on the angled front edge benefits from the sound being reflected upwards when the computer is on a table top.Precision 5110 on left and Latitude E5570 on right highlights the differences in size and keyboard layout.Tax in most. 20% off Dell Outlet Latitude 2100 Netbook Coupon Code:. 15% off Dell Precision Workstation Coupon.So I have tried using the lower rated PSUs (which required buying the DC plug adapter to convert from the standard Dell PSU plug to the thinner size used on this notebooks).Use this Dell coupon code for 25% off Dell Precision Mobile Workstations, Dell Precision Desktop Workstations, and even Rack Work Stations.Dell located two speakers under the front side of the chassis.

This uses the M.2 2280 form factor and a 4-lane PCIe interface to achieve much faster maximum performance than the limit of the SATA interface.The display bezel, palm rest and keyboard are black which avoids distracting glare and provides good contrast with the backlit letters on the keyboard.A useful detail is that the label with the computer information is under a small cover (held closed by a magnet) in the center of the base.The maximum fan speed I have observed is 3700 rpm when the noise is noticeable.

Perhaps a future BIOS update will give users greater control over this as the option exists in the Latitude BIOS.Premium pricing Awkward to open Lacks a full set of navigation keys.

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